Snow Sculptures

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Saturday morning was to be an afternoon of adventure.  Breakfast! And snow sculptures!  So we headed out to Yolk (our favorite breakfast place) and then to Navy Pier for some amazing sculptures made entirely out of snow.  Along the way, we also hit up the Children’s museum.  Like I said, adventure!

We took the Brown Line to the Chicago stop to start our day at the Yolk at Chicago and Lasalle.  Now, I’m not saying that Yolk is the best breakfast in Chicago, but – well, yes, I’m saying it’s the best breakfast in Chicago.  Leah and I have been to literally several of Chicago’s hundreds of breakfast establishments, so I think we can safely say who has the best breakfast.  And, as an added plus, they are great for kids.  Tons of space and a nice kids menu.

From Yolk, we picked up the 66 (Chicago bus line) which drops off right at Navy Pier.  When we got to Navy Pier, we were very glad we took the train and bus instead of driving.  I could almost smell the frustration wafting off of the endless line of cars heading into the Navy Pier parking lot .  And even without the parking issues, isn’t public transportation always nicer than driving in the city?  Lucy loves both the train and bus (Calvin seems largely indifferent), so the trip to the destination is as much fun as the destination itself.  Lucy is quite the city girl.  Plus, holy crap is it annoying getting the kids in and out of carseats.  An extra 40 minutes of commute time is worth not having to strap a giant, squirming marshmallow into a little baby-chair.

The snow sculptures at Navy Pier were amazing.  There was…a lion and…Batman fighting a shark.  And…a bunch of C’s. Huh. Turns out it’s sort of hard to describe snow sculptures and make then sound cool.  Should have sent a poet.  But luckily Leah snapped a couple of pictures.  Voila:



Anyway, yeah, they were really very nice.

We toured around around until Lucy decided she’d had enough and had to pee, at which point we headed inside to check out the Children’s Museum.  As I said, this was a first for me and Lucy.  I felt really bad shoving her out of the way to get to all the exhibits.  Man does she cry a lot.

Kidding!  But she did have a great time.  Her favorite was Tots Town or Tiny Town or Kids Town or Kids City or something along those lines.  There was a CTA bus for her to drive and a store for her to shop in.  Somehow she managed to navigate all the parents who were instructing their kids how to have fun (plus one parent who just kept walking around and cleaning up).  Parents setting up as cashiers in the grocery store, grabbing the money from their kids hands and telling them what produce to shop for and where to bring it.  It makes me wonder what the kids would have come up with on their own without direction from their parents.  Kids playing with other kids?  What a concept.

The Children’s Museum at Navy Pier is a really nice place.  It’s well spaced so it doesn’t feel cramped and crowded and, for the most part, I didn’t feel that parents were being encouraged to walk hand in hand with their kids.  If nothing else, it’s a nice place to pass a winter day as we mark time until spring.




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