A Date Afternoon with My Daughter

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This morning found me running around getting some blood drawn in advance of the scheduled c-section I have tomorrow morning. Followed by a few errands in the neighborhood.

Then it was time to pick up Lucy.

Since everyone’s world is going to be rocked tomorrow I wanted to spend some one on one time with her. So after leaving school I asked her if she’d rather have some ice cream from “the place with the little spoons” or pie from “the new pie shop“. She chose ice cream (personally I would have gone butterscotch pie because OMG, but her choice and she will probably always choose the ice cream option).

We ate our treats outside looking at the kids playing in Giddings Plaza in Lincoln Square where Lucy spied her friend Alanna from school. The two of them played for about 30 minutes while I chatted with Alanna’s mom. I didn’t know her so nice to meet her. They are from Dallas and when they moved here a few years ago the winter was *quite* the shock to their system. Hell, I grew up in Chicago and winter is a shock to my system every year. I can’t imagine coming from somewhere warm. I think she said they moved here *in* the winter. Hello! And welcome to Chicago!

From the square it was on to the shoe store. I wanted to get her and her brother their winter boots while I was thinking about it because every year I wait too long and then it’s snowed and I’m like, “Well hopefully your toes won’t get too cold. Go Play.”

While we were there we found perhaps the greatest pair of high tops on the planet. Sparkly. With pink accents. And rainbow stripes inside. As Jason said they are most likely her spirit shoes given all those features.

Lucy- tomorrow you become a big sister to another brother or sister. I know you are hoping for a sister but I think have come down to being happy with whatever comes out. Given this one acts a lot like you did in utero I feel like it’s a girl…or at least it’s a boy that’s a little calmer than your current lunatic of a brother. I am excited to see how you handle the challenge of being a big sister times two. I know you’ll be awesome.

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