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At the end of last year it seemed that our life got extra busy. I had majestic plans in December to workout EVERY DAY! EXCLAMATION POINT!  I mean my gym was having a challenge. Work out so many days AND GET FREE STUFF! Free passes! $50 in gym dollars! I thought why not, I could use $50 of gym dollars (is this really any different from like Monopoly money…not really useful…) and a way for me to not feel guilty about all the calories I would be consuming as my yearly cookie bake started.

So I went to the gym the 2nd day in a row. I was on schedule to GO TO THE GYM EVERYDAY! But…then…

I’m still nursing and I always seem to have a slight problem with ole’ right boob. Not to go into the minute details of my pumping regiman, let’s just say that righty doesn’t like the pump. It’s all, “What are you doing to me? Why can’t you just use that cute ass baby of yours to empty me! He’s so nice, and cute and cuddly. This pump is beating the shit out of me.” When I got home from the gym that night, my friend the right boob seemed to extra dislike the sports bra that had reigned it in. And so I then spent the next week being nice to my baby feeders to try and calm down the rage that was happening.

I then read online that breast feeding infections or clogs tend to happen in the winter when things are the most stressful. And to “wear loose clothing” as to not make the clog/infection worse. And to try and calm down. DON’T DO TOO MUCH! Well there goes my idea of going to the gym everyday. Add into that my daughters 3rd birthday party in December, Christmas, travel and ending the month with a road trip to Florida (yes. I said road trip to Florida. Yes with two small children. This is another topic but in short went better than I could have asked for).

While in Florida Jason and I ran a few times together on the beach and now with the new year starting I am DETERMINED to run some kind of race this year. I have loving eyes for the Chicago Marathon and so in the next month I want to get my workout regiman back in place to see if training for the marathon is even feasible. Hence running after work one day a week or working out/running after the kids go to bed ~8:30pm.

On Tuesdays I spend the day at Fermilab and leaving at 5pm is kind of stupid with traffic. Not that leaving at 6 is much better, but in my head it’s somehow not as bad. So I like to run on Tuesdays at the lab and I did just that. I ran 4 miles at under a 9min/mile pace. As I live in Chicago I’m not used to darkness. Running at the lab at 5pm during the winter is a Dark. Lonely. Adventure. I couldn’t see the sidewalk in front of me. I also chose to not bring along my iPhone and so then I just had visions of myself slipping and falling and no one finding me for a few days as the sidewalks are fairly far off the road. Note to self. Bring a phone with.

As I was leaving the lab I saw two guys running as well. I think it might be fun to setup a Tuesday Night Fermilab Running Club. I know in the past there have been running clubs but I don’t know if they still exist or if they run not on Tuesdays nights because that’s really the only time I can. So actually I would like to trump your running club with my AWESOME running club. I’m kidding. But Run Around The Ring Tuesdays or something? Could be fun. I think I have my office mate interested. Hopefully we can get more people and it will grow into something.

With that it’s on to the gym tonight to play with the TRX straps and to try and not throw up after not going for a month.

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