So what is Ten Lanes all about? Well it’s about us. It’s about our lives as parents and partners. From time to time Leah’s work as a photographer and Jason’s short stories will make an appearance. It will have posts about the times when parenting is like unicorns farting rainbows. Probably followed by the exact opposite. Because it’s all a part of it.

And the name? We are all on this highway of life (Yes. I just wrote “highway of life”) going towards that inevitable ending. Some of us have no kids. Some of us have one kid. Some have five.  No one has a right way or a wrong way. They have their way. Our way is three kids in a tiny house in Chicago. A tiny house filled with a lot of love. A lot of goofiness. A lot of yelling (mostly in delight but sometimes, seriously kid, “PUT ON YOUR SHOES BECAUSE WE ARE LATE”). And a lot of general fun-ness (no it’s not a word…but should be).

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