The Zoo as Five

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The Air and Water Show 2014

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Today was the 56th annual (I think that’s the number they said….something in the 50s). We skipped the air show last year after the year before that where we terrified both of our children with the loud planes. This year we thought we’d attempt it again. We have a good method of going. It requires some walking but not too much and lets you skip a lot of the traffic and crazy town of getting closer to the action. We took a picnic of lots of snacks and sandwiches to save some money. We found some public parking for relatively cheap. Most notable of this parking area is that it’s across the street from the bar Jason and I spent many (most?) nights between May of 2001 and July of 2002. Oh Murphy’s. Good times. Anyways. You park there and it was $10 for 8 hours of parking. Also you probably could have found some free parking around there if you were willing to drive around a bit. We aren’t sure what the meters on the street were (free on Sundays?) but Lakeview Easy is notorious for difficult street parking so we just took the easy way out this yearWe got there about 10am and there were plenty of spaces. I don’t kno. w if the weather had been better if that would have been too late. Then load up the stroller, or wagon or whatever system you use and start walking east. We ended up at one of the little beaches that is just south of Fullerton. So it’s a bit of  walk….maybe 1.5 miles total one way. But then…. THEN…you are at a beach. With Sand. And if the weather cooperates (it didn’t today) water. What more do you need for the kids. We were there from about 10:30-2pm and the two bugs of ours had a fine time collecting beautiful treasures of rocks, helping other kids dig really deep holes, general running around and some wrestling. We spent another $8 on two ice creams from the ice cream man. And with our snacks we were good to go for the food train (although the second born is continually asking for snacks….but enough is enough already!). Unfortunately, all the excitement we had built up about “the really loud planes we are going to see” didn’t come to fruition given that there was too much fog and the show ended up being canceled. BUT. In theory, you’d have beach, water, sun, snacks and airplanes to look at. For under $20 that’s a good Sunday in my book. The kids acted like little angles and left us alone for the most part and as always Jason and I were wondering why we didn’t bring the newspapers with us to read. And we know that it was because HAD we brought them…..the kids would have been on us and there would have been no reading or person time (or space!). Rocky very much enjoyed his ice cream, and passed out in the stroller about 3 minutes into the walk back to the car. Bonus of the trip he took about a 3 hour nap (with two transfers! from stroller to car, and car to house). Bad news is that he woke up at 5:15….wonder what time he’ll actually fall asleep tonight. Seriously could he look cuter curled up in the stroller. That’s right. No. No he couldn’t. But that’s how we’ll do the Air show in the years to come. Ring out the summer in style. Although next year we’ll have the addition of a 10 month old who we are lovingly calling ‘V’. We’ll see how it handles the loudness of the planes. My guess is that it will have 10 months of life in this loudass family of ours and will be used to...