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February in Chicago. The only saving grace is that it’s only 28 days long. Although the those 28 days feel like an eternity. It’s snowing. Again. It’s gray. Again.

February is like the red headed step child of the year. Every year I know this. Every year I’m looking forward to March. Not for any good reason since March is never that much better. But at least we have March Madness to look forward to. Plus spring break and trip somewhere warm greats us at the end of the month.

But February. Really no redeeming qualities. Valentine’s Day? Eh.

But we are Chicagoans. We have chosen to live in this great city. We are tough. We endure.

I ran outside today. And it was gray. And snowing. And icy. And windy. But it is what it is. Anyone can run in San Diego. Go to the lakefront for a run (or bundle up for a long walk), leave the headphones at home and enjoy the quiet and serenity of a virtually empty lakefront. It’s beautiful.

And eventually summer comes. Street fairs, beaches, long walks and ice cream. Late summer nights with beers in the backyard and the kids running circles around us. The guy next door throwing his birthday bash, live band and all. Baseball. Baseball. Baseball. Live music in the square on Thursdays. Outdoor dining for every meal. The best.

And so we have to live through February. We have to. Because we choose to live here. Because summer eventually happens. And because in its own way, February is beautiful.

If you don’t believe me watch this video:…to be fair, this was shot in January. But still. The point remains.

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