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I love living in Chicago. We’ve lived here in the city in different neighborhoods for about 10 years. From Wrigleyville to Ukrainian Village to Lakeview and finally to Lincoln Square. The walkability of these neighborhoods is by far one of my favorite things

Yesterday I had a typical day. Took Rocky to the park (stopping for a coffee on the way), walked to the grocery store, walked to get Lucy from school and finally walked to the gym to take Lucy to her swim lesson. All these things are just a few blocks from my house and aside from the going to the park and getting coffee were all things that are just your normal day to day things (getting to school, the grocery store, sporting event). If we lived in the suburbs these things would have all been things we drove to (most likely).

I have driven exactly twice since Veronica was born (4 weeks tomorrow!). Once for her doctors appointment and once to go to target to get some things that we needed for Halloween.

Yesterday dong those normal day to day things I walked 5.5 miles.

I’m not saying you can’t walk in the suburbs but it’s just more “let’s go for a walk” rather than “I ran all these errands” and got this free 5.5 miles of walking in. It’s one of my favorite favorite things about the city.  It’s free exercise just to live here!

And really….the most important part…being able to walk home from the bars without worrying about having a designated driver. Priorities people. Priorities.

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  1. gramps

    October 29, 2014

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    Right you are kiddo. And if can’t even walk from the bar its a really short cab ride (I hear. . . )

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