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Leah and I have recently decided to solidify our schedules.  For some time now, we’ve been alternating who picks up Lucy from daycare and who drops her off.  For example, Mondays Leah would take her in, Tuesdays I would take her in, and Wednesdays we would pick from between the local drifters and hobos to take her in.  It’s a bit confusing for everyone and life’s much simpler now that I always do pickups and Leah always does dropoffs.  And, as a side benefit, this schedule gets me home in time to cook.

Of course, the kids aren’t going anywhere (well, not for 15 and 17 years, respectively), so cooking has to somehow involve childcare.  And, now that Rocky can crawl, it’s not so easy just to leave him in the living room with his toys and have Lucy entertain him with silly dances.  I’m pretty sure that would lead to a lot of chewing on electrical wires and other hazardous activities.  So, instead, I brought him into the kitchen with me where he can eat any number of terrifying things off of the linoleum.

This last week of combining cooking and child rearing reminded me of cooking with little Lucy back in our old apartment.  But it wasn’t until he got to the cabinets and started pulling out the cookie sheets and pans that I remembered that there were ways of entertaining kids in a kitchen setting.  So out came the metal mixing bowls and brightly colored spatulas and Rocky was thrilled.  Just wait until he’s old enough to really drum on a metal pan.  Let’s make some music!

Anyway, Tuesday (or Wednesday, I don’t know, weekdays confuse me.  Actually, I think it was Thursday), I was putting together a new recipe from my new Smitten Kitchen cookbook and the kids were roaming the kitchen.  It was to be linguini with a cauliflower pesto, which sounds sort of weird but is…well, it’s a little weird, but in a good way.  The best part is that it’s almost entirely free of cooking.  The magic pretty much all happens in the food processor.  Seriously, the only things that involved the stove were the cooking of the pasta and the toasting of the almonds.  Before the food processing, there was much prettiness.



Such a nice, orderly food processor.  Of course, the kitchen was less orderly.



But seriously, the recipe was so easy that the pre-chop food processor prettiness was chopped and turned into a post-chopped mix, combined with some ground up cauliflower, tossed with pasta, and done.  Speaking of post-chopped, would you say this looks the consistency of course breadcrumbs?  I dunno, I gave it my best shot.



Of course, I cleverly made sure to not take a picture of the final product, because that would give this post too nice a conclusion.  Also, I should point out that this meal never turned into baby food.  Too many things that aren’t baby friendly.  Rocky just ate some other random goo that night.

I’m happy to be back to sharing the kitchen with my kids while cooking.  With the two kids, it often seems that these things can’t be as easy as they were with just Lucy.  And, often enough, they won’t be.  But, no matter what, it’s always more fun cooking a family dinner with a couple kids running around underfoot.

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