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I was at a baby shower once talking to a woman about raising kids and how I was doing something related to my kids and how someone else was doing something relating to their kids and was wondering if I was doing something wrong. The woman said to me, “Eh, we are all on some giant highway going to the same destination. Just getting there in different lanes. Just don’t fly off the road.”

Simple. I loved it.

This corner of the interwebs is a place for my husband Jason and I to tell you about what we are doing, how we are choosing to do things. BUT, we would love to hear from other people out there with tips they have and have found useful. I hope this can be a place of non-judgement because I think as a society we all have to be more tolerant and understanding of each other. Look at our congress these days. I don’t agree with you because I am a republican (or democrat) and so I am going to just vote against you no matter what.

People. We have to work together a little bit. We have to just try and get some stuff done.

And so with that let me tell you a little bit about us:

I think that’s enough to get you started learning about us. Stay tuned for more as we figure out exactly what this place on the internet is.

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