Gymming once more. This time really for real.

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Leah and I have always been solid when it comes to running.  Before we had our three little time suckers, we trained together for three marathons in a row.  We were dedicated, never missing a run, be it a 20 mile long run or sprints on the track.  We did a ten mile run starting at midnight after a fourteen hour work day. We sound pretty dedicated to fitness, yeah? Or, at least, we were?  You’d think that, but then there’s the gym.

Oh, the gym.

I started back in February of 2005, when we got our first membership at the YMCA.  That post is about joining the Y in Lakeview, which was an awesome, weird place.

Then, let’s see, we have a post here from May of 2006 explaining how we are really going to go the the gym this time.  And I think this time we did…for a few months.

(hey, look what I found.  Look how happy we were with the Bears and Colts both heading into the Super Bowl.  If only we knew…)

December of 2007…now we’re living in the Ukrainian Village and joined Cheetah gym in Wicker Park.  This was a big step up from the YMCA in both quality and cost.  Would we go this time?  My guess is no.

My goal...I'm not quite halfway there

My goal…I’m not quite halfway there

And then, in January of 2009 what do we have?  A post about re-joining the YMCA.  We were back in Lakeview at that point and attempted to rejoin the Lakeview YMCA.  This was ill-fated as we were really too far from the gym to ever make it work.  At least, it was too far for two people with our level of dedication. That ended for good when little Lucy came around 11 months and a week later.  And then we were done for a long while.

So, we’ve managed to run when we want to, sticking to a training plan without fail.  Running in snow and rain, blazing heat and suffocating humidity.  But the gym?  I want to do it, but the weights are so heavy. So much effort.  It’s something that has never stuck for either of us.

But here we are, all settled in our house in Lincoln Square and living a mere quarter mile from the gym. When we moved here, we were adamant about joining the gym.  I mean, come on.  It’s right there. We had to wait for Rocky to be born and start sleeping through the night, but then we were on it.  I signed up for the three free training sessions that come with the membership to learn a few things.  I thought about continuing with the training, but eh.  It’s expensive and, really, I should be able to self-motivate.

I mean, it’s not like there’s an archive on the internet cataloging my repeated failures in the weight room, right?

My September I wasn’t working out again.  The monthly dues were being pulled from our bank account, but I wasn’t going.  It was time to bite the bullet.  I re-upped with my trainer and Leah began with a trainer of her own.  As it turns out, the pressure of meeting with a trainer is about the only thing that keeps me going to the gym.  I’ve tried a couple times in the past couple of years to discontinue my training sessions – honestly, needing a trainer seems like a crutch – and each time I’ve fallen off.

Leah and I are back on with our trainers as of a month ago.  Leah’s recovered from Veronica’s birth and we’re sleeping just barely enough to work out and survive.  Fitting it in with three kids is about impossible.  I can go either at 5 am or 8 pm, because in between I’m pretty well booked (spoiler: I go at 8 pm).  But finding the time is important because I don’t want to wake up one day with my body falling apart and start bitching about how much harder things are now that I’m 40.

The gym has been working wonders for Leah

The gym has been working wonders for Leah

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