Just a Tuesday

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Nothing special really happened today. Although the amount of laughter I got from Rocky by pulling his legs on a swing to get him going was hilarious.

He didn’t sleep really well last night and we think that both our kids are getting some kind of colds with T-2days till baby day. Good timing kids! Good thing they don’t usually keep their sickness around very long so I’m hoping it disappears by Thursday or Friday morning if we have to do that.

Anyways back to our Tuesday. After helping me put together the bassinet for the baby in our bedroom and folding some clothes and putting them away. Ok fine he didn’t really help with that but rather just played with (threw around…) magnaformers on the floor. He also tucked his “babies in” under our comforter which happened to be on the floor. At one point he ran into his room and ran back with his pillow, “because the babies needed it for sleeping”.

After that we took a walk to the park. Realizing as we left that it was actually pretty shitty outside. Cold and raining and bleh. But we had fun at the park. Mainly sticking to the swings because everything was soaked (I don’t care but Rocky doesn’t love it).

With no other kids there the squirrels were *super* aggressive. Like climbing in our stroller and rooting around for crumbs. Seriously felt like I was in a Hitchcock movie, The Squirrels. The tagline, “Coming to a Playground Near You”.

From there it was a stop at the shoe store where we got some boots that should be good for low temps and wet mud (more forest play time is on the dance card for these kids).

Then it was lots of errands for me while Grandma Sue took over.

Fun day kid. I like hangin’ with you.



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