Life with Three…One Week In.

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Well here I sit exactly* one week from Baby V’s entrance to the world and into our family.

*exactly…when I started writing this post…many hours later…and actually the next day…by the time it was finished and posted.

And while yes it’s been a shock to the system and the general flow of our household, that’s been more on our end than on the baby’s end. She’s so easy! She only cries when she’s hungry. And otherwise she’s really really calm. We were remembering with Rocky if he was awake and not nursing he was being “jiggy” or fussing or general well yah..general jiggyness. Lucy, while not as extreme as her brother, had similar behavior. They also weren’t supper cuddly. Clearly Veronica is her own little human. Calm and her favorite place in the world is curled up into my neck:


I mean seriously….does it get more relaxing than this?

We’ve had a general smooth transition….Rocky has been better than we thought he would be and Lucy a little worse. I did bring it up with her pediatrician today at Veronica’s one week appointment (and to note that kid has gained a pound in a week. Go girl go! Apparently my boobs and her desire for what’s in my boobs is working itself out like clockwork) and it’s all completely normal. Jason and I have some changes to make and some more patience to learn and are making some changes. Today was like 900% better than yesterday so that’s good. Although today wasn’t a school day for Lucy so that could have something to do with. Have to figure out how to make the school days not so dramatic for her. Basically I think it’s more time with me and so I think we can make that happen. The nice thing is that she isn’t lashing out at the baby herself, but at her brother and us. At least she realizes that she can’t do mean things to the baby, but hey her brother can probably take it…or mom and dad.

And thus we are all learning.

And now some pictures and comments from the first few days in the house.

The day we came home…Rocky wasn’t quite sure of the baby…but by the end of the week whenever he runs in the house his first question is, “WHERE’S THE BABY?!?!” Which he says at a volume that anyone in the neighborhood can hear.


This is us as a family of five. Clearly some of understand the look at the camera and smile better than others (I’m looking at you Rocky and Veronica!).

Rocky immediately started beating up the bassinet. Lucky for Veronica she wasn’t yet taking up residence in there.

A yawn followed by a grandpa hand smoothing her hair out.
chicago_sahm_adventures_0004 chicago_sahm_adventures_0005

She tried out her crib and looks like such a peanut in there. She hasn’t taken up residency yet in the bedroom zoo, but soon she will start to spend her midnight-4am stretch in there (yes she’s gone that long without eating…but it hasn’t been every night). We want her to be able to go in there after the kids are asleep but wake up before the other two wake up. As I mentioned she’s the perfect baby and so we aren’t too far from that. For now she’s sleeping in a little rocker bassinet thing next to our bed.


Lucy might not be loving all that comes with the big sister but in general she loves this little girl. “CAN I HOLD HER? CAN I HOLD HER? CAN I HOLD HER? CAN I READ HER SOME BOOKS?!?!?!”

These three. I already see them being thick as thieves. Well I hope they will be….They do seem to like each other…most of the time.

And this, my middle child. No he probably shouldn’t have a pacifier anymore. He’s almost 2.5. But you know what. He can’t fucking pacify himself at night, and so with that we’ve had way way more luck with his sleeping and with the new baby we are already getting enough no sleeping and thus one less problem (that’s my new motto…One less problem? Then do it.) seems like a fair solution. Plus I think he might love his “gabbie” more than us, so I can’t really take that away..just yet.


And that’s our house right now. A little crazy. Some hurdles. But in general full of loudness, love and laughs.

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