Mommy, I have to tell you a secret

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At night. The bedroom zoo. All three of the kids share a room. The smallest room in the house.

I love it.

I think the kids love it.

Me as an only child that never had a roommate is a little jealous. I’m sure as the kids get older and don’t have their own room they’ll be jealous of my childhood with all the quiet time I had. Or they will be kids and just live the life they have. ANYWAYS that is neither here nor there right now.

Sidenote…for some reason I thought I should watch Mama Mia…and I’m remembering that I love it so much (that’s right. I’m admitting it) and I am wondering why I don’t just have it on a loop during the day. Dancing Queen. Yes.

So, at night we put the elders to bed. Then give Baby Veronica a bath and give her one last feeding and put her down. Rocky is usually still awake usually being quiet and just talking to himself in bed, while Lucy is already passed and snoring. After I put Veronica in her crib he says, “Mommy, lay with me for two minutes.” Which I do and we chat about what we are going to do tomorrow. Give each other hugs (the only time of day I can pull a hug out of that kid) and high fives. Sometimes I say, “Rocky I have to tell you a secret” as he comes close I whisper, “I love you.”

Tonight he said, “Mommy, I have to tell you a secret.” As I leaned in ready to hear “I love you.” He very very quietly whispers,


I laughed myself right out of the room.

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