Movin’ on up (to the 400’s)

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Who’s excited about the Cubs around these parts?  Yes, the same Cubs that had to scratch and claw to 89 losses last year (which, sadly, was progress).  Yes, the same Cubs that have finished in 5th place for the past five years.  Those Cubs.  Why are we excited?  Let me count the ways (spoiler alert, I’m going to count to three):

So, with all that being said, when we went to pick tickets for season tickets this year, I considered it choosing our seats for the World Series.  Sure, we only have two tickets so watching them win isn’t going to be a family affair, but tough noogies kids.  They’re going to grow up with a lifetime of the Rickets family as owners and will only have read about the stupid goat curse in the history books.  They’re going to grow up rooting for the Yankees of the National League.

Yeah, that’s right.  Book it, baby.

In the end, after some discussion, we settled on seats in the 400’s (433 to be exact).  The 400’s have a fantastic view of the action and we have a legitimate chance at catching a foul ball.  Great tickets to for watching a bunch of grown men jump up and down after recording the last out to clinch the first World Series title in well over 100 years.  If you’re getting misty eyed, don’t feel ashamed.  That was an emotional win for all of us.

This is pretty close to our view from 433.

This is pretty close to our view from 433.

For the both of you non-Cubs fans that are still with me and haven’t closed this to emphatically (and perhaps a bit too aggressively) unlike us on Facebook, let me explain a bit about the 400’s.  They are the portion of the upper deck seats in Wrigley Field that aren’t under the overhang and aren’t behind any support posts.  Moving from the 200’s, we’re losing some protection from the rain and gaining some sun, losing the proximity to the family bathroom and gaining and unobstructed view.  We’ll bask in the relative warmth on the cold days and apply sunscreen to the kids every inning on the sunny days.  But, more importantly, we’re moving a few stories up.

And we’re in the third row.

The third row from the edge, in case that wasn’t clear.  The edge of the bowl that’s a few stories up.

And we have a kid named Rocky.  I almost couldn’t pull the trigger.  It was very hard for me.  All I can see is him running full steam down the stairs towards the edge of seats where a far-too-low railing would attempt to stop his tumbling momentum.  It terrifies me.  I’m fairly scared of heights, but in a very rational way.  I fear falling to death, either mine or a loved one’s.  I’m not sure I’ll be able to unclench my sphincter for all 9 innings.  He might just not get to go to a game until I feel confident he won’t take a header over the edge.

Maybe 8th grade.

Or maybe I’ll get a leash.

World Series Baby!

World Series Baby!

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  1. Susan Budde

    October 28, 2014

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    You’ve landed a sweet spot in the upper deck!
    I suggest a helmet and bungee cord. Rocky could be between inning entertainment!

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