One Week and A Year

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My #timehop app tells me that I wrote this post exactly one year ago. When I was going back through this site to find the link for that post, I realized we wrote almost every day last October. We were on it! We were going to do this! Jason was funny! I was kind of funny! I was going to have so many stories from staying home with kids and I could have my own “mommy blog” (god I loathe that phrase)!

And then holy shit it’s hard being home with three kids who are all not in school.

I mean I KNEW going into a stay at home gig that it was going to be harder than working a “real” job, but it’s harder in a way that I didn’t understand and I don’t know if I can explain it AND I don’t know if it’s the same for everyone so I won’t even try.

I went into stay at home parenting only once the I had the third one.  Like, oh you can’t swim? Well I’m going to throw you in the deep water anyways and see how you do. Good Luck! Oh and there is a Rocky thrown into the mix!

But we made it through the summer. Cleverly planned vacations to be every three weeks helped a lot.

And now here we are with an almost 6 year old, a 3.5 year old and a 1 year year old.


These three stopped for exactly one picture for me to take of them and then continued their running and pretending and playing.

School has been a good choice for each kid. I thought Rocky might fail preschool but he’s doing fine. He’s so different from Lucy because Lucy went into preK-3 a little bit older and coming from a full day daycare situation so she knew more letters and numbers. But of course this doesn’t actually matter and when I ask him what he did in school he says, “I played!” and that makes me happy because of course that’s what you should be doing. He’s only in for a half day so Veronica and I go pick him up and then home for lunch. Possibly the best thing about school for Rocky is it knocks him out for a nice afternoon nap again which he had given up.

I was worried about full day kindergarten after a summer of no schedules no nothing, but it’s been awesome. It’s a Chicago neighborhood elementary school and while of course they do shit I don’t like, no school is going to be perfect AND they do a lot of things I do like. The best best best part of this is that we live 2.5 blocks away from school. We walk every day. It’s kind of a parade of kids walking to school. The little boy across the street is in her class and they are “best” friends. When I’m out walking around Lincoln Square I frequently run into other parents who’s kids go to Waters. I live in this giant city and I might as well be in a small town. It 100% has that feeling. And I love it.

Big city girl with a love for the quaint.

We are going to try and get back on writing here more because really, everyone needs more TenLanes in their life.

Quote of the house recently, “SHE FLUSHED MY PEE AND I WANTED TO FLUSH MY OWN PEEEEEEEE!!!!!!”

Dude? Really?



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    YES! Write, write, write! Write everyday. That’s how you write, right? Doesn’t have to be great. Doesn’t have to have global impact. . . just write!

    love it.

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