Potty Training Part II: Ready, Aim, Fire

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We’ve entered stage two of potty training which, as every parent knows, is the stage known as “going pretty darn well” (stage three would be “getting to talk with your spouse about something other than peeing or pooping”).  I’m not sure how it happened, but the accidents started to go away and Rocky decided he didn’t want to sit in his own filth anymore.  I don’t think we did anything all that miraculous with him, although I suppose Leah might have while I was at work.  It certainly feels like a miracle.

As you may recall from earlier posts, Rocky is a boy with a wiener (a pretty standard boy trait).  That wiener affords him the option to peeing either standing up or sitting down (just one more advantage of being a male in this society), so every time I take him to pee, there’s a decision to be made.  Do I ask him to sit down or ask him if he wants to stand up?  I see pros and cons to both.

Argument for standing*

(* A trick we’re using to get him to aim when he pees is to put cheerios in the toilet and let him aim at them.  A great trick and pretty effective, but is there anything more first world than literally throwing food in the toilet and peeing on it?  Also, how long before he grabs a cheerio out of the bowl and eats it?)

(** his penis)

Arguments for Sitting

We’re going to push for standing, of course.  We’re not animals. But I will admit that if he doesn’t have clothes on (pre-bath, for example), I’ll generally just throw him on the toilet in a seated position.  Sure, it’s the easy way out.  No aiming.  No work.  But even though it might seem more of a pain to pee standing right now, it makes me happy to know that he’ll get to go through life being able to just whip it out and pee wherever he wants.

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