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While here in St. Augustine, Jason and I have had a lot of opportunities to run together. Before we had the kids we ran together all the time. The not having kids part made it easy to find the time and being grad students made it a cheap activity that we could do as all we had to do was find the money for the shoes. We ran the Chicago Marathon three times and I really enjoyed all the training and work that goes into preparation for a marathon.

Anyways. I miss running with Jason as it gets boring running alone and I just like having someone to talk to while running.

The beach here in St. Augustine is very hard packed and so we’ve been doing part of our runs on the beach which has been really incredible. Today, either out of spite or stubbornness (as it wasn’t exactly beautiful out) or both, I laced up my shoes and out we went. It was “chilly” said the Floridians (seriously…it was 61 degrees….on no planet is that “chilly”; it’s not even moderately chilly. Christ, it’s not even cool. It’s actually a perfect temperature). While the temperature was perfect…it was a “little” windy. And by a “little” windy I mean it was a lot windy, although we started our run with the wind at our backs. We started on A1A and then ran south to Ocean Hammock Park which has a very nice wooden walkway (aptly named Ocean Hammock Park Walkway) to the beach. From there we continued north and we were chatting and laughing, “HAHAHAHAHA it’s so not that bad out here.” We waved at a couple of older gentleman who were taking a walk. Then my Garmin beeped alerting us that we had gone two miles and so we decided to turn around.

And then.

There it was. Holy hell. Wind. And a lot of it.

But we chugged on. Some of us happier (me) than others (Jason). We went past the house we are renting because I wanted an even 4 miles. Then about a quarter of a mile past the house, we turned back and all of a sudden it was back to being a “fun” run. But only a couple of tenths of a mile to go at that point.

It was tough – but very cool – to be out running on the beach with just about no one joining us.

The best part was when we ran into the two older gentlemen after turning into the wind I said, “Man, I liked it a lot better when we were running the other way!” They both laughed. Hard. One of them responded, “I love the energy of youth.”

Me too older guy. Me. Too.

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    January 5, 2013

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    Yes, running (or even walking) along the ocean’s edge is very special. Don’t stare at the horizon or you’ll end up buying a sailboat! Actually, that can be ok too!

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