The Carnival Barkers of Campbell Street

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They’re multiplying and they’re getting louder.  Dear god, is it possible they’re actually getting louder?

You may have heard – I think it was mentioned on this blog at some point – that we added a third kid a while back.  She’s the one that sits in the middle of the living room wearing a lopsided smile while we run around like headless chickens trying to corral the elders.  The one I’ve affectionately nicknamed “wait, we have how many kids?!” 

Anyway, the last time we were at the doctor for a well-baby visit, the doctor asked if Veronica* had started babbling.  We were looking to hear the ba-ba’s and da-da’s and the ma-ma’s.  Especially the da-da’s.  Always nice to hear those.  We weren’t hearing them, but no problem.  It’s not something we would have to worry about until she turns nine months, at which point if she hadn’t progressed she’d need to be enrolled in speech therapy so as to not fall off the Ivy League track**. But, as one would expect from a future senator***, it wasn’t more than a couple weeks after her doctor’s visit that she started babbling.  It was like a switch flipped.  She went from The Happy Idiot to The Babbling Idiot Who’s Also Happy (Happy Idiot for short).  And holy shit, I think she’s louder than the others.

(* see, I do know her name)

Lucy Rock and V

They’re all cute…and then the screaming starts

(** a joke, but deadly serious in New York.  And probably Lincoln Park)

(*** Christ, let’s hope not)

Okay, I know what you’re thinking.  It’s not possible.  There are two kids in our house that are so loud during bathtime that I have to turn on the bathroom fan to drown them out or I get a headache.  There’s a Rocky living in our house who was referred to as “our little alarm clock” by the neighbor TWO HOUSES DOWN.   

But there’s no denying it.  She’s already louder.  And it probably should come as no surprise as her only example is a family that converses across the dinner table at a steady shout.  We’ve got two kids who will sit next to each other on a couch and scream conversations at each other.




You probably think baby kitties are quieter when they’re sleeping, right?  You’re so cute.

So, I know, you’re probably looking at this and seeing just a house full of crazy.  But you know what I see?  I see the Von Traps of carnival barking.  The future is bright.

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