The Excuses

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It’s like a title of a movie, right? Where maybe the lead role of the male is…oh I don’t know…The Excuses….Ryan Gosling? Bradley Cooper? The female role…hmm..Zooey Deschanel…but really I’m only thinking her because I have a girl crush on her…really on her hair. Can I pull off those bangs? But I digress.

Keeping a workout regimen intact is difficult. Add to that a couple with two full time jobs and it gets tougher. Add to that a couple with a couple of kids and it can feel impossible.

We are runners who like to run outside, so this time of year I hear a lot of, “It’s too cold.” or “It’s too dark.” or “It’s dark AND cold.”

However, the main excuse that is present at all times in our household is, “I don’t have time.”

“There is no time.”

“I’m tired.”

“It’s too early.”

“It’s too late.”

If we have a plan and it goes *exactly* as planned, we are pretty good. But the second that something throws a knife into the situation (common among the zoo here), then the workout will usually get pushed. The goal we have on a daily basis is sticking with the plan. Since I’m slightly type A personality, I used to get twitchy at the thought of a plan going awry.  But adding in the second kid fixed that problem and I’ve learned to roll with the punches. And so we do the best we can.

Yesterday was perfect. Jason worked out at 5:30am. We both went to work. We came home. We ate dinner. We bathed the kids. Did the bedtime routine. After they were in bed I went to the gym. I got home around 9pm and we had a great time with a couple of beers laughing at the idiots on some HGTV home show (you are asking why we are watching said idiots on some HGTV after we said we would get cable again only if we DID NOT watch said idiots on HGTV…well it’s like a train wreck…seriously people? What is wrong with you?) and went to bed. Kids slept through the night and all good.

But. But. But.

We went to bed late. Therefore the getting up at 5 didn’t happen. Snooze happened. So fine, Jason pushes his run back till after the kids go to bed (I run at Fermilab at 5) and get home at bath time. But then something happened with dinner (two kids on your own, one of whom is sick, makes for a tough dinner situation) and he decided to push eating till after the kids go to bed. But dinner is left over chili. Waiting for that to settle then run 4 miles. “It’s too late. It’s too hard. It’s too cold.”

Thus we try again tomorrow.

The main excuse of “I don’t have time.” in my opinion is the weakest one (I’m not talking about those of you that work 80 hours a week, that’s a different beast). We have to be clever with when to workout. Early morning, going to they gym late. Running to do your errands. This last one is a huge one. I had to pick Lucy up last week from school (I drop her off in the mornings, but Jason ended up having to stay late at work for a meeting). The daycare is 4.8 miles from our house. Perfect run BECAUSE on that day I worked at home (I can work from home one day a week, which is very lucky). So I left around 4:15, got her and took the bus/train home. Yep. I was that stinky rider on the 77 bus/brown line. Luckily the train wasn’t too crowded. But it worked.

I’m still nursing and so I’m dealing with some issues and so I had to cancel my weekend runs. But go with the flow. Roll with the punches. I’m learning how.

The point is not that you are going to make all of your workouts. The point is to do your best and make a plan for the week or the day and stick to it the best you can. And that’s that. The train will go off the tracks. Just try again the next day.


  1. DAd

    January 16, 2013

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    NIce. You’re almost (almost) making me guilty enough to get running again. STAY ON ME!

    • Leah

      January 16, 2013

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      All you have to do is put on your runnings shoes and try. It doesn’t have to be perfect. The most important thing is getting started and doing it. Even if it’s just a mile. Even if it’s just walking for 30 minutes. But it helps all aspects of one’s life, in my opinion anyways.

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