The Highs and Lows of #beingasportsfan

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The Chicago Cubs.

The Fucking Loveable Losers.

At the end of last season we were actually a little bit excited. Sure they finished last in the division. Sure they lost 89 games. But. They were fun in the last month. Soler hit the ball far. We had prospects! Bryant would play in 2015! We would do *something*.

And we did.

We were the third best team in Major League Baseball this year. And still the second wild card because the #NLCentralIsAwesome.

And then.

We beat the Pirates in the one off.

We beat the Cardinals in the 5 game series.

And OMG the happiness. The cheering. The toasting. The “Bring It” attitude we had to either the Mets or the Dodgers. Hashtag WeGotThis. Oh the confidence! The Monte Carlo simulations showed the Cubs winning the World Series 35% of the time! How could we lose?!

And now. Here we are, down 3 games to none to the goddamn Mets. Currently down 6-0 in the second inning. Jason and I were at the game yesterday and I literally thought he was going to crawl under his chair when Cahill threw that wild pitch.

The highs and lows of being a sports fan are ridiculous.

We are full of the sadness. Although….I don’t think the sadness is as severe as it could be. Because my god we have a lot to look forward with this team. This team is super young…..they won 97 games this season and made it to the NLCS. After losing 89 games LAST YEAR!

But let’s look to next year. We are losing almost no one. Who could we get? The possibility of Heyward? Price? Cute (although with his postseason…maybe not)? Grienke? The rumor mill will be churning starting tomorrow (unless they dig their way out of this game). And we look forward. It was a fun season.

Maybe I’m writing this in the hope that I give it up to the Baseball Gods to show me that in baseball you always have to get all the outs and the Mets haven’t yet….it’s not over.

Go Cubs!



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  1. gramps

    October 23, 2015

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    Love reading my Ten Lanes in the morning! Sadly, it only got worse for the Cubs as you know. But I agree that the future looks bright.

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