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I am a little bit vain. Maybe vain isn’t the right word at all….I just called Jason to ask him if he thought I was vain. He says no.

What’s the word….health obsessed? Judging by the pile of halloween candy on the table next to me maybe that’s not right.

What’s a word for, ‘I like to fit into my size 8 jeans without having the muffin top’. How about we make an acronym of that ILTFIMS8JWHTMT

Sure that’s easy to remember.

In short, I like being thin. Maybe that’s vain. Maybe that’s normal. I don’t know. But I do. I like when my pants button easily. I like when I can see stomach muscles under my skin. Well, maybe I don’t care about the stomach muscles because I have a pretty strong sweet tooth (my dentist will vouch for that….do you floss? not really….do you eat candy? um, yes I love gummy bears…no I’m not going to stop eating them, they are like magic.).

I tend to work out so I can eat (and drink…hello Christmas beer next to me) basically what I want. Ok, I’m not crazy about food or treats one way or the other. I’m not crazy healthy, I’m not crazy junk food. It all has it’s place. Anyways.

Right now – 2 months post baby 3 -I’m not even close to where I was before I got pregnant. And to be fair I was, I think, in the best shape of my life before I got I got pregnant with little miss V.  And so, to get back to where I was before is going to take more work. Maybe not to lose the weight in the end, but to be at the fitness level I was at in terms of strength and running ability (yes I do know that Rocky was 18 months old when I got pregnant and I’m now two months post baby and thus I have some time to get back to it and I should have some patience….I’m not patient’s a flaw).

And I’m having a hard time with it. A harder time than I’ve had in the past. And I know for the general population of women who have had babies two months ago, I’m not doing too bad.


It’s bad for me. It’s bad in my eyes: the scale readings (AND GODDAMN IT I DON’T EVEN OWN A SCALE WHY THE FUCK AM I WEIGHING MYSELF AT THE GYM I KNOW I’M NOT GOING TO LIKE THE NUMBER), the jeans that are still too tight (but hey..they button…that’s a win right?), in general how I look.

So I did weigh myself at the gym today. I’m 10lbs over where I was when I got pregnant. And I’m trying to get motivated to get it off. I forced my good friends to challenge Jason and I to a milage game in December. The couple with the most miles for the month of December wins and the losers buy dinner. As they have just run a 15K they will probably win….BUT, I’m nothing if not competitive so I got my ass to the treadmill today (and oh my god I’m done with that shit. Let’s get this done in the cold).

3 miles. Slow. But it’s more than zero. This is my favorite line when having a bad run (too short or too slow)…”It’s more than Zero.”

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    December 2, 2014

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    No, not obsessive. Not vain. ummmm…..just a little nuts? That’s ok!

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