The Saint Augustine Beach House

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Staying in a hotel room with little kids is generally, well, I wouldn’t say it’s bad, exactly.  That’s not the sentiment I’m looking for.  More like…hell.  It’s a little bit of hell.  Immediately children’s clothes are strewn through out the room, one of your daughter’s shoes is missing, and you’re frantically bopping the little one up and down on your hip while shoving a pacifier in his face so that your neighbors don’t hear him crying and begin to plot their late-night complaint to the front desk.  And then you put your bags down and things start to fall apart.  I don’t know why we haven’t had more success with hotels.  In generally, we’re cool with our kids in more any situation.  I think it’s the pressure of mixing noisy kids with paper-thin walls.  That and there’s never a really good spot for the pack and play.  Also, it’s frustrating to get kids down and lights out at 8 (success!) just to find that you and your spouses are now captives to their peace, laying silent in the dark, unwilling to so much as move lest they wake up and require a reboot of the bedtime routine.  Maybe after an hour you can turn on a light and read.  Maybe.

Are you willing to risk it?

For stays in the same place of more than a day, we’ve stayed in suites and that’s not bad.  We can watch TV in the living room while the kids sleep in the bedroom and there’s a little kitchen area for food stuff. And a lot of the suite hotels aren’t really that much more expensive than your standard hotel and the extra space is worth it.  But still, it’s a hotel.  It’s claustrophobic. So, when we were heading to the Jacksonville area for a wedding over New Years, we considered staying at a hotel.  We then had a good laugh and started seriously looking for a decent place to spend a week.  We’d had a lot of success renting a lake house in Michigan with my family for a summer vacation in the past, so why not rent a beach house in Florida for a winter vacation!  Well, why not?  You can’t give me a reason, can you?

That’s what I thought.

So, after much googling, Leah found  what looked like a great place in historic Saint Augustine, the countries oldest settled city.  It was right on the beach and seemed like it had plenty of room.  We split the cost with Leah’s parents and had a big ol’ family vacation with our family of four, Leah’s dad and Sue, and Leah’s mom and Ken.  And so far, not one part of this vacation has been anything but awesome.  The house is perfect and there’s a ton of room, it’s right on the beach, and Saint Augustine is awesome.  I couldn’t recommend it more.  And it sure beats the hell out of cramming into a hotel for a week, trying and failing to keep things from devolving in Lord of the Flies.

Daddy has the conch!  Daddy has the conch!  Only Daddy gets to cry because he has the conch!

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