The Sibling Sleepover or Best. Idea. Ever.

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First of all…Hey there! Yes we are still alive with the three kids. Everyone is doing great. And it only feels like we are drowning 97% of the time instead of 98% of the time so, improvement!

This past weekend was cold in Chicago. I’m not going to complain it’s been a pretty mild winter and we choose to live here (blah blah blah). But three kids and 0 degrees outside? Shoot me in the face. Seriously. At one point I just curled up in a ball on the couch and went into some kind of hibernation. The hibernation of, “I. Can’t. Even.”

We somehow got dinner together and on the table an hour early. Which was good because we were all hungry and it was halftime of the football game…hashtag goodtimingforsportsisimportant. Everyone showered and bathed….and it was 6:30 (they usually go to bed at 8 and we are just starting the bedtime routine at this point).

Now what? Lucy and I played some Crazy 8s. Then some War (just as annoying as when I was a kid hashtag ifeachpersonhastwoacesitwillneverend). Veronica went to bed. All the teeth were brushed and potty trips happened. And we were just all done. I mean as always at bedtime. But I mean. Done.

So I said, “Hey why don’t you guys go have a sleepover in Lucy’s bed?”

[Sidenote: all three of our kids share a room, with Lucy getting a top bunk of a custom bunk system and Rocky on the bottom bed and Veronica in the crib.]

Kids: “What do you mean?”

Me: “I mean go play up in her bed super quietly and maybe Lucy can read books using a book light outloud…but quietly outloud because Veronica is sleeping.”


Us: “Ok. Go. Goodnight.”

Up the stairs they went…then there was….silence.

We looked at each other and said, “This is just never going to work. It’s only 7pm….but whatever, let’s start a movie.”

So start a movie we did. Veronica woke up at one point. Jason put the elders under a blanket with the book light.”

At about 8:30 we heard the door open, and little feet come down the stairs. Damnit.

Lucy returned the book light. Gave us a kiss, and went back to bed. Rocky gave us a hug and a kiss and put himself back to bed.

We looked at each other with a “The Fuck?” look on our faces. How did that work? How did they only wake Veronica up once?


They requested the sleepover again tonight and while I’m all for it, we are keeping it to weekend days (and to keep it special so it doesn’t turn into just pure play and loudness). Rocky also said, “Maybe Veronica can join us when she’s two. I think that’s a good plan.” Given that crazy kid can climb the ladder already and get on the top bunk, I don’t think he’s wrong.

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  1. Susan

    January 18, 2016

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    Welcome back 10 Lanes! Great post – Keep ’em coming.
    Picturing Lucy and Rocky under covers reading books with a book light while V sleeps — priceless!

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