The whole house is leaking!!!

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Our little Chicago house is over 100 years old. Meaning it’s small and cozy and awesome.

But with oldness comes unique problems. You know like electrical excitement. The entire upstairs on the same circuit. Along with our fridge and our dining room. Cause you know that makes sense. When I blow dry my hair (like once every other month), 50% of the time the fuse blows. Good thing I’m running out of time to actually blow dry my hair ever.

Then there is our plumbing. When someone is showering they have to tell everyone, “HEY I’M TAKING A SHOWER, DON’T FLUSH!”…or really use any water anywhere because then the shower drips and turns cold. I’m waiting for Lucy to go to a friends house and be like, “Wait you can shower and flush…AT THE SAME TIME?!?!” And her mind will be Blown.

Last night we were finishing up an already trying night when Jason came down the stairs saying, “Oh what is that dripping?” He’s standing under where the upstairs tub is.

This is not the statement you want to hear after having a long and snappy (we’ll say snappy because it sounds better than the actual mood in the house) evening. Because water and leaking problems? Never easy. I mean not that you ever want to deal with it. But at that moment I just wanted the kids in bed, Baby V to eat so I could suck down a beer and cool off. But not the plan for tonight. Time to investigate water problems.

We get Lucy out of her shower, adding to her pissyness because she didn’t get to “FINISH WASHING HER BODY!!!!” and start to investigate the problem. We figure out that the leaking is coming not from the pipes (yay?) but from the area around the tub. Like where the tub meets the floor.

Ah ha! The curtain wasn’t inside the tub and so water was dripping onto the floor. Is that it? Can we test that? Leah (ever the experimentalist) to the rescue, “Hey I have an idea, I’ll pour this cup of water on the floor and you can see if it leaks out of the ceiling downstairs.” Meanwhile both kids are running around naked, my dad is on the phone trying to give advice (with his cell phone signal going in and out, “Sorry Dad, I didn’t catch that, check what?”) and then to put the icing on the cupcake, Lucy starts yelling, “THE WHOLE HOUSE IS LEAKING…THE WHOLE HOUSE!!!!”

We were 90% sure that was the problem but the sink in the upstairs bathroom was also dripping so I (I’ll take the blame) thought it would be better to turn the water off to the sink in case that was the problem. Fine.

We get up this morning and are having some coffee when I go upstairs to wake Lucy up for school….wait, why is there a giant puddle on the floor? THE FUCK?!? Look up at ceiling and it’s all wet. Son of a …..

My dad is at the house 5 minutes later and he and Jason investigate while I sit with the kids eating breakfast. Turns out that the valves for that upstairs sink were bad, and turning them off caused them to leak…you guessed it…onto the floor. Which then ran towards the tub. Where it leaked down the side of the tub into the ceiling below.

You would have thought turning OFF water wouldn’t have cause more problems. OR that two problems wouldn’t have presented themselves at the same time. But The Soup (which we lovingly call our house since it’s on Campbell Ave) had other ideas.

The valves were replaced and the tub edge will be caulked tonight so both issues can be taken care of. Then we can just have a water free-for-all every night. THROW THE WATER EVERYWHERE!



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    October 23, 2014

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    Good fix today and I loved finding the Chicago Faucet Shop. Awesome.

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