The Zoo as Five

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The weekend before Veronica was born we went to the zoo as the last outing as a family of four. Today we upped our game. We added Baby V to the zoo outing.

The last time we went we drove (we hate driving in the city…but the trains on the weekends are few and far between so we give in on Sundays), and discovered a block on Clark St. which doesn’t have any meters. Meaning free parking and two blocks from the main entrance. Hashtag Winning. Which block? Why would I tell you my lovely readers, for then you would take my precious parking places. So it’s left as an exercise to the reader to discover said free parking. (God I hated my physics text books which stated “the proof is left as an exercise to the student” Exercise this.).

I was prepared. I was ready for there to be meltdowns. Tears. Random annoyances. But.

Nothing. Totally Pleasant.

I mean I haven’t seen Lucy act this nice and helpful and just generally awesome in the last month. At Lincoln Park Zoo there is a children’s zoo area. With a giant climbing structure. Lucy instantly went up and over and through it. Rocky took his time but eventually followed Lucy. I told Lucy to please take it slow and easy to make sure her brother saw her and help him if he needed it. There is no way an adult could get up and in the structure (not that I would anyways…another post for another day), but I was worried that Rocky would freak out at the tippy top of the thing. Luckily, Lucy totally took care of her little brother. Slowed down. Guided him through.

Then they went up and over and through another dozen or more times.

After spending a lot of time at the children’s zoo structure we left to see the sea lions, the small mammal house. Then it was off to the car and back home. Although Baby V was due for a feeding so we took 15 minutes in the car to get her all fed up.

A fun day. A total of $0 spent. Brothers and sisters getting along better than ever.

We are getting it done. Family of 5 for the win (for today anyways).

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