Those delightful Chicago buildings

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There’s a lot to be said for working an early schedule.  Getting into work early allows me to have my email read before my fellow co-workers are even boarding their trains from the suburbs and, of course, I get a seat on the train both coming into the Loop and heading out.  Also, in the winter, the evening sky at 4:30 is spectacular; icy blue with splashes of orange, white, and pink.  Trails from jet airlines pierce the technicolor clouds, cutting brilliant streaks into the colorful background.  And today, more than any other day, I was truly fortunate to leave work early and catch the 4:20 Purple Line.  Because today was the day all the buildings between Sedgwick and Armitage smiled at me.

Picture windows stretched and melted into toothy grins.  Office windows on the top floors rounded and glistened, a twinkle in each glass eye.  The city was happy today, and I was on just the right train car, in just the right seat, at just the right time to see it.  Nobody else on the train saw it and so nobody understood when I jumped out of my seat and started pointing out the window crying “Happy buildings, happy buildings!”.  And people really started to look concerned when I stripped off my shirt and started running up an down the aisle, leaping and waving my arms like Carlton Fisk in the 1975 World Series.

I just feel sad for them.

Also of note today, I found a bonus yogurt in the fridge at work! The seal was a little bit broken and it was a few weeks (maybe a half dozen, tops) past its due date, but I really liked how tangy it was.  Blueberry yogurt doesn’t usually have such a bite.

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