Veronica Rae Makes 5

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We welcome to our family a dazzling and beautiful baby girl. Weighing in at 6lbs 11oz, 19.5in long, Veronica Rae is the latest member of our family.


Lucy was a 10lb 6oz baby, and Rocky was 8lb 6oz and so for us Veronica is quite the peanut. She came to us at 37 weeks 0 days by scheduled c-section and so we knew she’d be smaller than the previous two. I had been worried and freaking out for weeks before her birth because of the earliness of it. EVEN though I knew when I got pregnant that it would come at 37 weeks (due to an emergency with Rocky’s transverse breech position at birth). I think baby Veronica felt that anxiety the last month, and wanted to prove how awesome she was. The second she came out she started screaming, and I mean Hello Girl! We can hear you! She scored a 9/9 on that Apgar test (I don’t even know how important that is, but 9/9 = perfect AND none of my other kids got a perfect on that!).

She was a little bit gooey when she came out, looking like quite the cheese baby and she has a lot of hair on her back (a little bit like a monkey) both of which maybe would have gone away in the next two-three weeks in utero. But who doesn’t love a little hairy cheese baby?


She’s a champion breast feeder so far. And wow is it easier breast feeding a smaller baby. Oh but wait…I want to give a shout out to Northwestern Prentice Women’s Hospital.

Either Northwestern is changing their practices on Caesarean births or I had a great nurse or both. With my other two kids, the c-section happened, the baby was taken to be cleaned up, they were wrapped up while Jason took some pictures and cut the cord and all that stuff. Then he would bring the baby wrapped up over to me and I would look at it while they finished closing me up (and as I said to the anesthesiologist “putting the puzzle back together”). Then they would put the baby in my arms, still wrapped up. After getting back into the recovery room it would be manhandling of the baby to get them to the breast for feeding and lift them higher, put them lower, head back, head forward, etc etc).

This time was completely the opposite. When Jason brought her to me the nurse said you can put her cheek on Leah’s cheek/neck area to start the skin to skin contact. As soon as the last staple went into closing me up, the nurse had my gown pulled down and the baby out of it’s swaddling and onto my chest for travel back to the recovery room. Back in the recovery room,  the nurse stayed with us the whole time. She was really calm and just let Veronica find her way to my breast. I know this is frequently how a “natural” child birth is done. The baby is put on your chest immediately for skin-to-skin time and then babies know how to root around to find the food. It was refreshing and wonderful to be treated the same way after a “non-natural” childbirth. So a big big thank you to Louise the RN we had after delivery. You made me really really happy.

Ok. So right, she’s a champion AND super tiny. So it’s really much easier to put her on my chest/stomach for feeding than it was with the other two. She has been enjoying lots of naps on my chest and we think it’s her favorite place to be. Love. Love. Love.

Lucy couldn’t be happier that it was a girl! She would say that she would be happy with whatever it was boy or girl, but secretly (ok not so secretly) she really wanted a sister. They came to visit the first night and Lucy was enamored with her. Rocky was interested of course, but in pure Rocky style just couldn’t help wanting to push all the buttons in the room, climb on things etc etc. So a little difficult for him to visit us here in the hospital. I’m looking forward to getting home so he can spend some more time with the baby. I wonder how many times I’m going to have to say, “Gentle Rocky. GENTLE”.

And with that I leave you with some pictures of the baby girl. More on life with three over the next few days.

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