Veronica’s first bath…or Rocky waterboards his sister

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I don’t know if I need more content here as I’m guessing the title gives it away. Maybe waterboard isn’t the correct word. Maybe utter excitement that her belly button has finally fallen off and thus we can give her a proper bath is more like it.

Sorry V for the water right in your face. I know it’s a lot to take in with your siblings. But you survived and are doing a great job hanging in there with those two looney baloonies. Keep it up kiddo!


Rocky thinks the cup of water goes directly on her head and face….maybe because that’s how his baths tend to roll when we have to get his hair washed…



Rocky’s face here. That is all.



This is me (obviously) holding Lucy, Rocky and Veronica after their first baths. All in the same towel. The most impressive thing is that the picture quality hasn’t gotten much better (jason…get with the program), I look the same amount of tired each time, my bangs are always the same but the rest of my hair changes. And finally Lucy and Veronica are calmly looking around and Rocky has his arm up and out of the towel, just getting ready to fight and twitch.

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  1. Gramps

    October 23, 2014

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    That’s a great series of pictures not unlike your family pics from the front porch.

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