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So a little bit of back story on Jason and myself and what this webpage is meant to be and why it’s a venture we are working on together. This post is long. I suggest coffee. Who am I kidding, I suggest coffee for literally anything, any time of day.

We met 16ish (Oh. My. God.) years ago in college. We were undergraduates in the physics department at Indiana University together. Randomly assigned as physics lab partners our sophomore year was the start of it all. I still remember sitting behind him during a lecture and noticed he was watching the Cubs gamecast on the computer on the desk and I thought, “Ooooh that guy is a Cubs fan and is totally not paying attention during class” and I didn’t know whether to be mortified that he wasn’t paying attention (Leah might be a little bit of a … I don’t want to say teachers pet, but for sure having witnessed my Dad catching people not paying attention in his class put fear in me for the rest of my life for not paying attention to teacher) or loving the fact that he wasn’t paying attention by paying attention to the Cubs game. We spent the rest of that semester blowing things up in the lab (Jason) and sneaking out to get pizzas at Pizza Hut at The Union (Leah’s idea). We became pretty close friends but nothing that the following year would be.

Our junior year was hell on wheels with most of my day spent in the physics building studying or finishing up homework. I mean I literally had to move out of my apartment and into a studio apartment across the street from the physics building because I was in the physics building or on campus 18 hours a day and the commuting back to my apartment was a pain in the ass (that and the horribly annoying roommate I had). By the end of our junior year I was spending most of those 18 hours a day with Jason, mainly at the physics building, with lunches and shooting pool breaks at The Union thrown in for good measure. Finally (finally!) at the end of the spring semester we went from friends to more than friends.

Ok? Are you still here? Do you still care? Probably not. The point was that our relationship was built on working together on a common subject and spending lots and lots of time together. It got even more intense when we moved back to Chicago to finish our graduate degrees. We were working on our PhD research at Fermilab, living in Chicago, training for marathons. We had the same boss, same office, obviously the same apartment (oh we got married somewhere in there) and so we spent 100% of our time together.

For some this is a complete nightmare. I know there are couples where the thought of spending 100% of their time together sounds like a death sentence. And there are times when it’s tough because you want to be like, “Oh my god the funniest thing happened at work today!!!” At which point you realize of course that the funny thing involved your spouse and thus they don’t need the retelling of the story that they were an integral part in. But for us it worked and it was enjoyable.

Fast forward to now. I went from working downtown near Jason so I could at least meet up with him a couple times a week for lunch and most days for an afternoon coffee to us having separate careers in totally different places. So now we have the more traditional: I’ll see you at night and in the morning and on the weekends. Which is fine and it is what it is for now.

Ok so you are saying….so what Leah? Why should I care. Maybe you shouldn’t. But the point is: this site is something we are creating together. It’s something that gives us a chance to work together even though our “real” careers are no longer together.

So what is Ten Lanes all about? Well it’s about us. It’s about our lives as parents and partners. From time to time Leah’s work as a photographer and Jason’s short stories will make an appearance. It will have posts about the times when parenting is like unicorns farting rainbows. Probably followed by the exact opposite. Because it’s all a part of it.

And the name? We are all on this highway of life (Yes. I just wrote “highway of life”) going towards that inevitable ending. Some of us have no kids. Some of us have one kid. Some have five.  No one has a right way or a wrong way. They have their way. Our way is three kids in a tiny house in Chicago. A tiny house filled with a lot of love. A lot of goofiness. A lot of yelling (mostly in delight but sometimes, seriously kid, “PUT ON YOUR SHOES BECAUSE WE ARE LATE”). And a lot of general fun-ness (no it’s not a word…but should be).

Need more coffee? Oh hell, time for beer at this point.


  1. Susan Budde

    October 17, 2014

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    What a great way to work together again! Looking forward to many many future posts on TenLanes.

  2. Gramps

    October 18, 2014

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    Love Ten Lanes with my morning coffee (or beer). Keep up the great writing kids!

  3. Deb knight

    October 18, 2014

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    That all sounds like you have started your lives together exactly how you wanted and to share that with the kids is a great plan. I can tell by all the pictures and posts that there is a lot of love in your house. I enjoy reading about your family very much.

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