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Every week in pre-school, Rocky has a letter of the week.  On Monday, during our walk to school, we generally discuss the letter and all that comes with it.

Rocky: What’ the letter this week?

Me: “T”

Rocky: Does garbage can start with “T”?

Me: No, garbage can starts with “G”.  Guh-Garbage can.

Rocky: Oh.  Does leaf start with “T”?

He’s got a ways to go with his letters.  Actually, I find it more impressive that he didn’t accidentally run into something that started with the letter T as we walked under the trees while trucks whizzed by.  But today, the letter game got a bit more baffling.

We were in a quite a rush.  Veronica had slept about an hour total that night and the morning moved sluggishly.  So I threw him up on shoulders and we were off.

Rocky: What’s the letter this week?

Me: Hmm.  Oh right, this week is “U”

Rocky: *giggles* No! That’s not a letter!

Me: What? Yeah, “U”.  Like umbrella or unicorn or, uh, underwear.

Rocky: *giggling harder* underwear!

Me: Yeah, “U”

Rocky: No, what’s the letter?

Me:  It’s “U”, buddy

Rocky: No!  I’m not a letter.

Me: Ha, no, not you.  “U”.  The letter

Rocky: No!  That’s not a letter

Me: Not you, the Rocky.  You the letter.  “U”.  Like unicorn.

Rocky: I’m not a letter!

At that point I’m pretty sure he was screwing with me.  Which I appreciate.  Now we just have to figure out what to bring in for Show and Share for the letter “U”.  Would it be wrong to bring underwear?

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